Pastor Frank Webber


cropped-cropped-IMG_2301.jpgPastor Frank Webber, originally from Capetown South Africa, is now residing in Melbourne, Australia with his wife Irene who he married in August 2008.

Ps Frank has been in full time ministry for over fifty (50) years. He has ministered in England, USA, many parts of Africa, Mauritius, Malaysia, Indonesia, NZ and Australia. He ministers with an apostolic  anointing having many ‘sons and daughters in the faith’, who he has raised up, mentored and are now running effective churches in South Africa. He also mentors churches in Australia on a regular basis. In the days when apartheid was still in operation Frank and his late wife were the only “coloured” students in a white Bible college. In the same era he was invited by a “white” church to be one of their pastors. These things were unheard of in the days of apartheid, and are a testimony to the relationship Frank has built with people from all walks of life.

Frank also ministers very effectively in the prophetic realm, and as a Pastor, teacher and evangelist. His meetings are characterised by moving very accurately and powerfully in the prophetic realm, as well as signs and wonders taking place. He is the first to admit that it is the power of God at work. He is just the “messenger”.

Frank Webber Ministries was officially launched in January 2015 heralding a new phase of fully itinerant ministry . This new phase of ministry life is enabling Frank to fulfil his passion to minister the Gospel, to see people brought into the Kingdom of God, to be free to go whenever and wherever God leads him. As Frank says, “At this stage of my life, I want to be ministering at every opportunity possible. No one is guaranteed tomorrow, so I must work while it is day, for no one knows when the night cometh. John 9:4”.

Together Frank & Irene run marriage seminars and marriage/relationship counselling. Having been married combined 75 years prior to their own marriage, they have a wealth of experience. However the main focus of time is spent in itinerant is ministry locally, interstate and overseas.


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  1. Jesicha

    Had the honour of having Pastor Frank at our church in South Africa South. What a vibrant blessed man of God.

  2. Denise Thomas

    I met Pastor Frank & Irene Webber in Woodstock, Cape Town, South Africa when I was a little Girl. Our Family (Safoor) used to play all his LP records at home, stage name Frankie Joe. My Mom and Dad passed on in 2000 and 2015 respectively. We still sing his songs at our family gatherings… so excited to know he is still alive and active in the ministry… Shalom

  3. admin

    Hi Denise
    Thank you so much for your kind comments. Of course you will have seen on the website that Irene, PS Frank first wife, passed away in March 2005. We married in August 2008. And my name is also Irene!
    We will be back in the Cape August this year. PS Frank preaching and we will also run some marriage events.
    Are you on Facebook? You can send friend request that way too.
    God bless
    Frank & Irene

  4. This has been a very, very long time, that I met “Frankie Joe” and his late wife Irene in 1983 at The Upper Room Assembly, Hillbrow. I will never forget this vibrant ministry, especially the singing. Yes, this was still the apartheid era, but no problem for a child of the living God. I met Pastor Frank on numerous occasions in 1981 to 1983, when I got married. He attended my wedding in The Upper Room Assembly and me, being in full time ministry and not having honeymoon money offered me and my wife at that time, a room with a view in Ennerdale. Being white European, I surely wasn’t allowed to, but God is and was always in control. I have learned very much, just by listening to him sharing the Word, how to trust God in everything. To be like a child trusting his parents, so to trust in God for just everything. I got divorced 13 years later, but even now, I trust in God in just everything. I got married 2.5 years ago, my Ministry since 1981, is still going strong and my FATHER, the Lord Almighty is still going strong in my life. Thank You Jesus…. (For The Love Of Christ)

  5. Bob Burgess

    I have known Irene for about 60 years and know that the spirit is active in her life. Irene helped lead me into the glory of God in the 70’s along with fer former partner in life Bill. Whilst never having met Frank (yet) i have no doubt of his ministry leading people on the path to the lord. i know from experience that Irene is in her own right an effective and knowledgeable speaker and invaluable in the ministry of marriage.