Our Story

Frank was born in Cape Town South Africa on 25th March 1939. He was one of South Africa’s top Gospel singers, performing under the name of Frankie Joe. “God Can Do It Again” is available on CD.


“Jesus is the Sweetest Name” recording by Frankie Joe Webber (contact us for orders)


Frank married Irene in August 2008. Frank’s late wife Irene, and Irene’s late husband Bill, both died of cancer within 3 months of each other in 2005. Frank was living in South Africa and Irene in Australia. One of the miracles of God’s grace in our lives is to bring us together. Both having had happy marriages to our previous spouses, we really appreciate and thank God for the second chance at happiness and love we have found together.



African Wedding

South African Wedding

We  celebrated a second wedding ceremony with the church in Springs Johannesburg where Frank was a pastor, enjoying a traditional ceremony and celebrations.